Presentation Skills
for Positive Direction and Effect
A Professional Development Course
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For many people in today’s workplaces, it takes more effort than they can imagine to speak in front of any group, large or small. Yet, as expertise and skills become more streamlined, it becomes increasingly necessary for people at any level to give effective presentations about what they do or provide.  Today’s managers realize that the people on their teams and in their organizations need the courage and the confidence to speak in front of others. This 2-part course is the only one of its kind that helps to develop that courage and confidence and provides the positive direction communication skills that are essential for moving forward and improving forward. Participants at every level learn skills and approaches they can use to increase personal and professional value as well as the value of your organization to your customers. This value added learning and development course is also cost effective and time effective for the participants. It is a combination on-line and on-location course.


The Presentation Skills I Course Agenda
This Course is a must…

If you want to be a part of what it takes for Relationships, Performance and Morale to work together in a positive direction.

Online - Session 1

Online - Session 2

On Location - Session 3

Online - Session 4 
Positive Direction Presentation Skills
 Course I
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For Educators
Vocal adjustments
Performance and Preparedness

Planning and Preparation

Make yourself interesting and interested

Communicating with your audience

Managing content

Video Session of Your Speech with feedback

Managing Your Body Language

Face to Face with Your Audience

Effective use of Learning and Development Aids

Continuous Improvement for recurring presentations
Readiness session

If you want to learn positive direction approaches to add to your presentation tool box

If you want to influence the very best performance and delivery for your students or customers

If you are a member or a leader of an empowered team or organization

If you frequently share information by giving presentations to large or small groups

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