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Positive Direction Communication Skills™

for 21st Century Educators

Positive Direction Communication Skills called Consistent Positive Direction™ include speaking, writing, learning and approaching the realities that we face, day-to-day, in the direction of the outcomes, the results and the successes that you want and require – the positive direction. Increase the assurance of moving forward and improving forward by the direction of your verbal activity. That direction can be short term or long term, forward or reverse, up or down. In our personal lives, it could be anything from getting across the street to getting an ‘A’. In our professional lives, it could be anything from getting along to getting promoted. In a learning community, ‘Student Success and Growth’ is always a part of the “Organizational Positive Direction”.

Every student meets/exceeds grade level requirements and expectations

Every student exceeds qualifications for college and career readiness

Positive Direction Communication Skills and practices are designed for immediate use and easily apply to existing programs, projects and initiatives. They have been shared with educators, at every level since 1988. They are especially effective in accelerating progress, resolving differences, finding solutions, building relationships, contributing to positive self-esteem and making change work faster, more easily and more completely. These skills are integrated into every aspect and every level of human interaction including our core frameworks:

Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction

Skill Development Sessions
Mastery Courses
Retreats and Conferences

Learning Community Respect Programs

T.A.L.K. Associates conducts Complete Respect Development workshops and projects aimed at accelerating student academic achievement. They are interactive sessions in which participants expand the knowledge, awareness and acceptance of equity. They learn how Complete Respect contributes to:

Student-focused relationships, performance and morale in a positive direction

Educators share real life real time experiences about their abilities to influence respect in the learning community, while sustaining and improving the success of every student to meet or exceed requirements and expectations. Educators learn and develop practices to increasingly influence diversity, inclusion and individuality to work together. Programs and projects are tailored to meet specific needs.

Key Development Modules and Projects

The Four Core Abilities of Complete Respect that we possess

Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction 21st Century

Learning and Development Programs

Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction’ is a framework designed to make it easier for organizational structures, programs and processes to function for the delivery of services to students. It also makes it easier for multilevel relationships, performance and morale to work together for accurate and successful delivery.


Rather than being an organizational structure, it is a framework in which organizational structures operate successfully. It is designed to facilitate organizational unity, change, multilevel communication skills, teacher readiness, leadership consistency and sustainability for:

Accelerating student growth and success

Learn the practices that keep ‘Everybody on the Same Page with Excellence on the Same Page’ in the direction of student success. That includes educational support professionals.


Best of all, the Unity of Effort framework is designed for any part of the school or district to successfully use what works for every student to exceed qualifications for college and career readiness.


It works because you use it!

The Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction

Performance Development Manual For Educators

The Manual is your comprehensive, universal guide for using the Unity of Effort framework successfully. The appendix includes a full version of the book Your Positive Direction NOW by J. Bert Freeman. The manual helps us to deliver great learning and development projects, courses and seminars that lead to ‘excellence on the same page’ for student success – students meeting/exceeding grade level requirements and expectations; students exceeding qualifications for college and career readiness.


Learning and Development Opportunities



Get Everybody on the Same Page with Excellence on the Same Page

Always in the direction of Student Success

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Readiness for Change

A direction of excellence is always in the direction of the student. It is manifested in the effectiveness, efficiency and superb execution of tasks, all concentrated on supporting the performance and delivery of our front line educators in a way that they can have the very best performance so that:

Positive Directions of Quality

Student-Focused Delivery

Leadership Consistency

Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction

The Human Side of Technology

Whole Brain Interaction

Team Development and Interaction

Creating and Managing Reality

Multicultural Inclusion

Keeping ‘Everybody on the Same Page’ in the direction of student success
Accelerating student progress and closing the achievement gap

Understanding the Personal Reality Domains that we all possess

Understanding the five domains of Complete Respect: Cultural, Social, Temporal, Professional and Spatial Respect

How to make Complete Respect inherent in the learning community

Educating each other through experience sharing

Understanding the impact of Complete Respect on team effectiveness, student growth and student success

How the brain impacts differences

How to manage trust in an environment of differences and differences in an environment of trust

Closing the Achievement Gaps: What Works

CRIS CROS (Complete Respect In School; Complete Respect Outside of School)

Students to exceed qualifications for college and career readiness

Complimentary Multilevel Core Development Session

Multilevel Leadership Core Development Session

Skill Development Sessions

Leadership Development Sessions and Certifications

Team Development Sessions and Projects

Direction of Excellence Outcome Survey

Climate of Interaction Survey

Unity of Effort Facilitator Certification

Retreats and Conferences

Organizational ESP: full staff learning and development Projects

Leadership ESP: Multilevel Leadership Consistency (includes School Boards)

Team ESP: for grade level teams, content teams, project teams, focus teams and management teams

Educational Support ESP: for Educational Support Professionals

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