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A comprehensive program
for students to represent themselves
in a Positive Direction
Part 1
The Art of Effective Speaking
Positive Direction Students Agenda
How to develop confidence in speaking
Organizing and presenting ideas
Total Open Listening & Learning
Peer Support for Improvement
Impromptu Speaking
Effective Use of Gestures
Using voice and language effectively
How to connect to your audience
Part 2
Positive Direction Communication Skills
Creating and Managing Reality
Helping people to ‘PLAY’
Verbal Positive Approach
Complete Respect in a Positive Direction
Attitudinizing yourself in a Positive Direction
Attitudinizing your circumstances
Positive Direction Presentation Skills
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The combination of Effective Speaking Skills and Positive Direction Communication Skills in this program, contribute to student readiness in the classroom and beyond. This program is designed to help students advance their capabilities to collaborate successfully on projects and presentations. During the sessions, they will build the courage to speak to a group or participate in purposeful discussions with confidence. Students will learn to support each other’s efforts through constructive evaluations of prepared and impromptu presentations. They will become better equipped for employment interviews, college interviews and other opportunities that impact their education and career.

This program is designed to connect closely with the Common Core Speaking and Listening Standards for grades 9 to 12. This is an initiative that contributes to the success of meeting or exceeding Common Core State Standards.

How to develop confidence in speaking: Many students discover how much they improve their communication skills in a short time.

Organizing and presenting ideas: Students are guided through an intentional process of expressing themselves using real life real time topics

Total Open Listening & Learning: Students develop listening and learning skills that help them to connect to their audiences, their schooling and their relationships.

Peer Support for Improvement: Students learn to help each other with solution-focused evaluations of presentations and impromptu conversations.

Impromptu Speaking: Students learn to develop confident communication skills for quickly responding to comments and questions in conversations that count.

Effective Use of Gestures: Students learn why body language and tone of voice are 93% of human communication.

Using voice and language effectively: Students learn to connect to audiences by developing ways to use their voices to emphasize thoughts and feelings

How to connect to your audience: Students are surprised about how much they have in common with any audience. They learn to tap into their creativity to make effective presentations.

Creating and Managing Reality – Learn to interact more about the reality that you want to ‘move toward’ instead of the reality you want to ‘get away from’. Students are designed for forward movement.

Part 1: The Art of Effective Speaking
Part 2: Positive Direction Communication Skills

The Starting Line – The current reality is the starting line. A student moves forward from there.

Start Options – Talk more about what needs to ‘START’ rather than what needs to ‘stop’, especially when ‘working together’. Students are designed for continuous improvement.

PC Upgrade – Students learn what it takes to create the circumstances that need to occur for success, instead of predicting the way that people will act to take away from success.

Helping people to ‘PLAY’ instead of making them pay. Students help others to focus on what people need to do successfully for student success rather than to dwell on making them pay for what needs to be changed.

Verbal Positive Approach – The language of Consistent Positive Direction that keeps students consistent, while being themselves and always talking toward the successes and achievement they require or desire.

Complete Respect in a Positive Direction – Students cultivate their abilities to exercise and influence respect in any situation at the inclusion of everyone rather than at the expense of anyone in school and outside of school – students, staff, administrators, parents.

TOLLing (Total Open Listening and Learning) – Students develop listening skills and approaches that help to connect positive direction to our critical and everyday experiences.

Attitudinizing yourself in a Positive Direction – Students learn how to express attitudes in the direction of the successes or results that are required or desired. Whatever feelings students have, they can always express their attitudes in a positive direction.

Attitudinizing your circumstances in a Positive Direction – Students learn skills and approaches to assure forward movement and steady progress when making changes, corrections or adjustments, even in the most compelling situations.

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