Team Excellence
in a Positive Direction

Team Excellence in a Positive Direction


The next level of excellence for your team: Team ESP (Everybody on the Same Page withExcellence on the Same Page)


Why is Team ESP the next level of excellence for your team? What makes it easier to finish on target, on time, on task and on budget? What accelerates the transitions through team building processes such as ‘forming, storming, norming and performing’? DIRECTION







In a ‘Unity of Effort’ framework, the entire organization concentrates on supporting front line performance and delivery in a way that the front line can have the very best performance and delivery to meet/exceed customer requirements and expectations.


Effectiveness is:

the degree of meeting/exceeding customer requirements and expectations (Front Line)


the degree of meeting/exceeding internal support requirements and expectations in a way that best concentrates on supporting front line performance and delivery (Smooth OpS)

Team Excellence models the ‘Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction’ (Unity of Effort) Framework to move forward and improve forward with ESPEverybody on the Same Page with Excellence on the Same Page. Everybody knows where to concentrate their efforts and the ‘reasons why’.


T.A.L.K. Associates provides the expert assistance and support that multilevel teams need to develop a system of support that works for accurate and successful delivery of services. The team learns and manages practices, skills and approaches that can be used immediately.


The Direction of Excellence for organizational teams is:


The Direction and Flow of Support

Every team has a Direction of Excellence.


The Direction of Excellence connects the team and its hierarchy in the direction of meeting or exceeding customer requirements and expectations. If it is a self-directed team then it is supported by the manager or supervisor to whom it reports. Otherwise, the immediate connection is from the team’s manager or supervisor supported by his or her manager or supervisor. That is a part of the ‘Flow of Support’ which also includes the delivery recipients of the team’s efforts.

Communication and Information in a Positive Direction

Having and using a Direction of Excellence unique to you and your team

Positive Direction Communication Skills

T.A.L.K. Associates specializes in assisting you with the direction your teams need, to accelerate progress for accurate and successful performance and delivery, at any level from the front line to the CEO.

Team ESP

Excerpt from

Organizational ESP Manual


The TEAM NINE Development Session

The TEAM NINE Online Development Session

Fast Improvement Team (FIT) Development Seminars

Fast Improvement Team Development Certifications

          Team Certification

          Individual Certification

          Leadership Certification


Team Excellence is the effectiveness, efficiency and execution of team tasks, either routine or special, to move forward and improve forward.

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Efficiency is the management of resources, time, space and cost for effectiveness.

Execution is the delivery of products and services for effectiveness.

The Direction of Concentration

The Direction of Focus

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