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Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction: The Unity of Effort framework is a breakthrough in accelerating organizational progress. Using the development framework and expert assistance you can unify organizational direction in as little as three months, assure progress of strategic plans, establish vision and mission statements, bring visions to reality, identify and clarify role relationships and the roles of LEA support, assure student-focused concentration of effort at all levels, assure high performance front line delivery, assure leadership consistency in a positive direction, accelerate the progress of student achievement, solidify site-based empowerment. We start with the leadership and leadership teams first, then we work with grade-level teams and content teams to accelerate the progress of all students: to meet/exceed grade level requirements and expectations; to exceed qualifications for college and career readiness.


Unity of Effort

Positive Directions of Quality

Student-Focused Delivery

Leadership Consistency

Multicultural Inclusion

The Human Side of Technology

Readiness for Change

Whole-Brain Interaction

Team Development and Interaction

Creating and Managing Reality

Program Evaluation and Planning: We provide technical assistance to set accurate achievement targets, assess and chart student progress, develop program analyses, design and conduct site-based team building, develop multi-year planning, selection of Highly effective teachers and prepare and report outcomes. We work hand-in-hand with schools and districts to facilitate accountability in ways that accelerate progress.


Data-based decision making for grade-level teams and content teams

School Improvement Plans for Success: We provide expert assistance to develop school improvement plans that work for 21st Century Education. We help you to take the guess work out of setting goals and objectives for academic success. You will be able to set accurate time lines, focus on all of the NCLB populations that are a part of your school or district and develop courses of action that can be implemented immediately and effectively. This work also includes an accelerated planning process the will put your plans in place well before the close of the school year. The plans will be exclusive to your student populations.

All of our offerings and follow-up services are ready for immediate use.

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The Haberman Educational Foundation, Inc.
Creative Learning Solutions, Inc.

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"Self Directed Teams" workshops and process assistance for empowered teams
"Team Positive" - Development sessions for teacher-parent relationships
Personal learning profiles to identify preferred roles in team interaction
The "TEAM NINE" experiential learning processes vividly define real teamwork
Leadership and School Improvement Team seminars for Leadership Consistency
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Team ESP

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Performance Development Manual for Educators

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CONSISTENT POSITIVE DIRECTION for Educators: Measurable skills of speaking in a positive direction, writing in a positive direction, learning in a positive direction and managing critical realities in a positive direction with near 100% consistency. These skills and techniques are designed for immediate use and easily apply to existing programs, projects and initiatives. They have been shared with educators, at every level since 1988. They are especially effective in resolving differences, finding solutions, building relationships, contributing to positive self-esteem and making change work faster, more easily and more completely. These skills are integrated into every aspect and every level of human interaction including our core frameworks:

Team Development and Interaction: Programs and skill development sessions and projects that provide consistency of interdependent relationships within teams and between teams. With development of grade level teams and content teams there is more forward movement in less time. Offerings and processes include:

Selecting Effective Teachers and Administrators:  Teacher and administrator selection are each critical for student success. The Haberman Educational Foundation has years of experience in supporting schools and districts by certifying administrators and staff at all levels to conduct Haberman Teacher and Administrator

In our Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction framework, T.A.L.K. Associates’ Certified Teacher Selection Interviewers have assisted schools and SES programs by conducting Haberman Interviews as a part of their hiring processes.



Learn how your school or district can get your own administrators and staff certified to conduct Haberman Teacher and/or Administrator Selection Interviews or learn about pre-assessments by clicking the following links: 



selection interviews for high-need schools. The unified and single goal of the Haberman Educational Foundation is to teach and implement research-based models for identifying teachers and principals...for high-need schools. The results are higher rates of highly effective teachers, higher rates of staff retention and increased percentages of student success.

To contact the Haberman Educational Foundation for Onsite Administrator or Teacher Selection Training   >>>>

Star Teacher Prescreener   >>>>

Haberman Star Urban Administrator Questionnaire – Predictive

Assessment   >>>>

Learn about Star Teachers with the book by Martin Haberman, Ph.D
Available from The Haberman Educational Foundation; also included in T.A.L.K. Associates Unity of Effort framework learning and development projects for educators.

What works

Learn the effectiveness of Star Teachers

Who are the Star Teachers?

Selecting Star Teachers

Star Teachers: The Ideology and Best Practice of Effective Teachers of Diverse Children and Youth in Poverty
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T.A.L.K. Associates is a Common Core State Standards Endorsing Partner.
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