Positive Direction Applications for Engagement
A Professional Development Course
The Presentation Skills II Course Agenda
This Course is a mustů

If you frequently share information by giving presentations to large or small groups.

Designed to increase the

positive direction impact of your presentations

Online - Session 1

Online - Session 2

On Location - Session 3

Online - Session 4

Be more solution-focused instead of deficit focused

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For Educators

Managing Expectation

Video session of your presentation with feedback
Adjusting your presentation checklists

Using your online engagement techniques

How to use assessments and evaluations most effectively

Make it easier for adjustment to change

Focus more on possibilities instead of limitations

Simplify continuous improvement in their routine efforts

Adult audiences need frequent engagement for learning to be most effective. This course is designed to increase your value to your audience as learning occurs. Additionally, your use of positive direction applications will help you to build a dimension of direction for your audience that positions them to:

How to Connect Engagement to Thinking Styles

Planning Your Positive Direction Engagement Strategy

Positive Direction Engagement Techniques for Different Size Groups

The Power of ME: Managing Engagement

Managing Esteem

Managing Effort

Identifying engagment techniques that work for you

Practice sessions

How to streamline your preparation

Positive Direction Power Exercises for Engagement

If you want to expand your fluency in Consistent Positive Direction

If you want to accelerate learning through audience engagement.

If you want your audience to experience what is taught or shared immediately.

If you want to deliver consistently proactive learning experiences.

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Positive Direction Presentation Skills
 Course II

As with all of the T.A.L.K. Associates Presentation Skills courses, you learn skills and approaches you can use immediately to increase your personal and professional value for increasing the assurance of accurate and successful customer-focused delivery. This is a combination online and on location course.

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