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This is what we do. T.A.L.K. Associates provides the learning and development support you need to Concentrate, Unify, Position and Sustain a direction that works…for all of your students to meet/exceed grade level requirements and expectations.

For example, the‘Unity of Effort in a Positive Direction’ framework incorporates the power of direction in everyone’s communication, relationships and bottom line performance in a way that the front line educators can have the very best performance and delivery so that your students can have the very best education and success. It works because you use it. It naturally fits your staff, faculty and students because everyone is built for forward movement and continuous improvement.

Level of Trust
Performance Targets

Support from management
Support from each other
Level of Open Communication
Timeliness in making changes

Student Behavior
Leadership Consistency
The System

Plus whatever really matters to you

What impacts relationships, performance and morale most, in the education workplace?

Supporting the direction of excellence
for 21st Century Educators

Everyday we are expected to keep steady hands for student success.

Imagine all of these things and you operating in the same direction of success.

What would cause relationships, performance and morale to work together best in your organization? It is the direction of your efforts… and synchronizing your direction with everyone else – Everybody on the Same Page with Excellence on the Same Page. We call it ESP.

Achieving that direction of excellence requires four ingredients: 1) Everyone knows where to concentrate. 2) Everyone knows how and where to unify their efforts. 3) Everyone is positioned for positive direction in communication and relationships at

every level, everyday. 4) Every leader knows how to sustain forward movement and continuous improvement for student-focused success.

That kind of reality requires every line and staff educator and employee, every principal, chief, superintendent, director, manager and supervisor to use practices that are:

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