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Positive Direction Communication Skills

Positive Direction Communication Skills called "Consistent Positive Direction" provide communication skills and approaches to always speak, write and learn in the direction of the successes, outcomes or results that you require or desire – the positive direction. They are especially useful in addressing critical realities, resolving differences, building relationships and making change work faster, more easily and more completely. Consistent Positive Direction is a part of everything we do.

A complimentary prerequisite session starts your road to mastery.

Personal Mastery
Professional Mastery
Private Sessions
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Setting the Direction of Your Attitude

It’s personal. It’s real. It’s an eye-opener. It creates new and refreshing possibilities in your life. From managing thought to managing differences, you learn how the direction of your attitude impacts the direction of your success.

Learn what it means to attitudinize yourself in a positive direction. Learn what it means to attitudinize your circumstances in a positive direction.

Learn how to do it.

Complimentary Prerequisite Session
Skill Development Sessions

Silent Mentor Leadership

The leader must use Silent Mentor abilities in special ways. Silent Mentor Leadership is enabling an environment, which brings out everyone’s best performance.

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Positive Direction Communication Skills for

Married Professionals

If you wake up tomorrow and your life has perfect balance, what would be happening? What would make it stay that way?

If you are a married professional, so much can be involved in your daily life, including your obligations to your spouse. Learn the positive direction communication skills that help you to handle the personal and professional relationships in your life. You can use them right away, everyday, in any situation under any circumstances.

Start with a complimentary prerequisite session. Then advance to the level of mastery of your choosing.

Perhaps your organization can have a Positive Direction Communication Skills program for married professionals – Skill Development Sessions, Retreats, Conferences, Group Sessions

Taking Charge of Your Positive Direction

What you say today can impact your life tomorrow. Your choice of words can move you in a direction towards or away from effective personal and professional relationships and you are in charge of that choice. In this book, J. Bert Freeman identifies the impact of choosing positive direction and shows you skills and approaches that you can use right away to build those important personal and professional relationships.

Available in paperback - $24.99, hardcover - $32.99 and Ebook - $7.99

Kindle - $3.99


Book synopsis - pdf
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Positive Direction Communication Skills
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The responsibilities of leadership impact the lives of numbers of people, by choice and by chance. Silent Mentor Leadership adds dimensions of talent and consistency that expand your value. You create new horizons for yourself and others because you influence forward movement and success with the highest regard for others. Using your Silent Mentor abilities consistently provides a positive direction impact on:


Workplace Engagement – Employee Expectations, Effort and Esteem in a Positive Direction

Workplace Excellence – Employee Effectiveness, Efficiency and Superb Execution

Workplace Efficacy – Employee Empowerment, Environment and Ethics

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The Silent Mentor

There is a set of abilities that each of us can use that help us to support and encourage each other in a positive direction, whether we are in the workplace, on teams, in school or in other day-to-day, minute-to-minute interactions.  These abilities are calledthe Silent Mentor:

Encourage Action and Confidence in a Positive Direction 

Practice Total Open Listening and Learning in a Positive Direction

In many organizations, employees and leaders have mentors, either formally or informally, to help them with their progress and success in their assignments and careers. At the same time, there are many people in the workplace, at home, in school, as parents, teachers, leaders or preachers, and even students, who are really ‘on their own.’ What happens when the mentors are gone, or are available for only a few? Whoever we are, we can consistently support and encourage the performance of others. We can build and be allies in a positive direction for everyone’s success. We can be the Silent mentor.


We can also appreciate and learn from each other’s differences, in a positive direction. The diversity in our schools and work places is more expansive than ever. Men and women, people of different backgrounds and ethnicities as well as people of multiple generations are working together today more than ever. The Silent Mentor programs help you to make it count for yourself and for others.


Whole Brain Interaction is teaching, learning, communication and attitude in relation to thinking, behavioral and personality styles. You learn how the Positive Direction Communication and Relationship Skills connect to brain preferences and tendencies in ways that you can use skills of Consistent Positive Direction even when differences exist. Learn how to practice using Consistent Positive Direction to handle multiple relationship and learning styles and to collaborate and interact effectively with colleagues and others.

The brain develops habits and triggers that move us as goal oriented human beings. Since we are made for forward movement, we can deploy the learning energy and relationship energy that help us to successfully engage and manage ourselves in the world.


Our brain activity influences us to process movement toward goals, examine the progress of movement toward goals, create or coordinate possibilities of movement toward goals or engage in the production of movement toward goals.

Exercise Complete Respect in a Positive Direction

Facilitate Success and Virtue in a positive Direction

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